Radniční sklípek Liberec

About the Town hall cellar in Liberec
what you probably didn´t know about us

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Liberec historical Town hall cellar was empty for almost ten years when Svijany brewery decided to launch here its first branded restaurant.

Libe-rest s.r.o. who runs the restaurant hired specialists in the field of gastronomy and prepared various kinds of menus, both traditional and non-traditional Czech cuisine suited to the complete portfolio of Svijany beers.

The cellar can hold 250 guests who are able to enjoy Svijany beer from the tank for the first time in the history. Town Hall cellar was officially opened on December 15th.

There are two lounges, one called the Mayor and the other called Parliamentary. This one is a substitute for pub Parliament, where the exhibition of Liberec resides now.

Svijany Brewery won the competition for the space of ten years uninhabited cellar of the Town Hall in May, 2014. Work on the rebuilding of the cellar began almost immediately after the takeover and it was conducted in cooperation with the Liberec Town Hall and preservationists. The new interior was designed by the architectural studio, Space-shuttle”, that added completely new elements for the bar, entrance and many other. Lasvit glass lamps were used for the lighting concept.

"We wanted to bring the atmosphere of the old Czech pub to the cellar. Everyone will find his corner to which he would like to come back not only for good beer. Throughout the whole redesign process, we competed with historical interior context in which we wanted to bring a new life. The result is detail such as the Beerbook - space on the wall where customers can leave their mark in the form of their receipts from the cellar, „says Pavel Nalezený from architectural studio,, Space – shuttle”.

Former deputy mayor of Liberec Jiří Šolc, who was in charge of the project said: "The tables and chairs are renewed, as well as the semi-circular stained glass windows. Each of them has its own story. They were donated by various craft guilds and associations during the construction of the town hall and they depict scenes from the pub and the former life."

Great care has also been paid to the clothing of the staff. It is designed and tailored by fashion manufactory,, Rodná hrouda”, which prepares clothes for major global beauty contests. This manufactory recently prepared clothes for the Czech contestants of Miss World 2014 and Miss Earth, 2014 for example.


We wish you a pleasant stay, enjoy your meal, cheers and Good bless you!

Monday - Thursday: 11:00- 23:00

Friday - Saturday:    11:00-00:00

Sunday /new/ :       12:00-17:00